Why Organic Cotton?

  • Softer than conventional cotton
  • Reduced consumption of fresh water
  • Reduced energy demands
  • Reduced global warming potential
  • Reduced soil erosion
  • Chemical-free fabric will not irritate a baby's tender, delicate skin

We Are Committed to Quality (& Caring)

Our story continues through our entire supply chain, which is completely transparent at every stage. From the materials we use, to the people (including plenty of real moms) who make the products, we’re committed to keeping products well made, safe, socially conscious – and super stylish, to boot. We can’t do it without our people. And we don’t want to do it without helping people.


100% Organic Cotton

Empowering Women

Providing Opportunities for Women in Our Company

Human Rights

Fair Wages, Fair Hours, Safe Conditions

Ink & Dyes

Safe for Your Baby, Safe for the Environment


Give Back to Local Communities

Adorable Contemporary Designs

The new standard for how things should be done

Affordable Prices

for You, Our Customers

Affordable Resources

for Our Planet


Go Organic or Go Home

Every piece of Lamaze Organic Baby-Wear is made entirely of GOTS-certified organic cotton and dyes. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) - the world's most respected processing standard for organic materials - ensures not only that materials used are grown organically, but also that they were manufactured in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way...at every step of the supply chain. It's virtually impossible to find this level of quality, transparency and sustainability at the reasonable price point our clothes sell at. We're proud of that.

In addition, our products are Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard certified, which means our kids' clothing was made in green facilities, using organic techniques - without the use of harmful chemicals.

Championing Human Rights

At Lamaze Organic Baby-Wear we're not just about the cute clothes. We're also about having a positive impact on people and the planet. We manufacture all of our product with our parent company Kitex at their facility in Kerala, India, where we want to enrich the lives of the people who work for us - and the communities around them. We want to empower women, both inside and outside of our walls. We want to integrate sustainable, responsible practices into all that we do - at every step in the process, from concept to creation. And we do this not just because we're committed to it personally, but we know that you, as our customer, appreciate the values of fairness, environmental sustainability and giving back. Just as much as you love cute kids' clothes. (Who says style and substance can't go hand in hand?)

We work tirelessly to integrate sustainable and responsible practices in all that we do and believe that you as the consumer would prefer to purchase your baby’s clothing from a company that will leave a positive footprint in the world.

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Twenty20: Impacting Local Communities

The charitable arm of Kitex Garments (our parent company), this nonprofit's mission is to benefit the rural community in Kerala, India, where our organic products are made. In the past two years, we have devoted $5 million, through Twenty20, to improving the living standards of the area's more than 8,000 families (many of whom aren't connected to Kitex) by building homes and schools and providing necessities from medical services to fresh drinking water. And we've committed $60 million to making further improvements in the area over the next five years. It shows that, while we're committed to adorable, high-quality clothes for babies and kids, we're about much more than that, too - just like our customers are.

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